Q: When I add URLs and images to the portal, when will I see the updates in my virtual booth?

A: Instantly! The portal shows real-time updates.

Q: How long can the videos be that we upload?

A: Videos can be as long as you want, but we recommend keeping them under three minutes.


Q: Can we preview our booth before the live event? 

A: Yes! The portal is in real-time, so you will see what your booth looks like as soon as you upload content and images.



Q: What is the cost to sponsor a class?

A: One Class Sponsorship is included with Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Title Sponsorships. Classes can be sponsored for an additional $1,500 for any other exhibitor level.


Q: How do I track my ROI?

A: We suggest using a unique coupon code for the Festival to track your sales.


Q: How many attendees will we have?

A: Our in-person Nourished Festivals had attendance from 2,500-5,000 attendees.  Although we don’t know the number of expected attendees for our Online Festival, we will be advertising the event to consumers via the Find Me Gluten Free app, email announcements, social media, & community partners.


Q: How many exhibitors will be at the Online Festival?

A:  We expect 100-200 exhibitors.


Q: Do I need to be available 24/7 during the three-day Festival?

A: No, you can choose if and when you would like to schedule calls or live presentations with consumers. It would be best if someone from your company is available from 10am-6pm MST, for all three show days.

Q: My sponsorship level includes a shared email campaign. Will you have competing companies in the same email?

A:  We will do our best not to have competing companies in the same email, but this will depend on the number of shared emails we will be sending.


Q: How many impressions will I get? 

A: The number of impressions your booth will receive depends on the number of exhibitors and attendees, as well as the content in your booth. We do not have an exact answer for you but will do our best to make the show a success.


Q: What is the time frame that brands can be “live” during the three-day show?

A:  Brands can be “live” from 10am-6pm CST


Q: What if the live chats get too overwhelming with lots of consumers asking questions at the same time?

A:  We don’t imagine this to be the case as attendees can schedule a “private chat” with you. We will also be offering an FAQ pop-up screen when an attendee clicks on the live chat that should answer many of their questions about your company and products.


Q: Will there be an Influencer Category?

A: Yes. Influencers, like Community Partners, will have their own category. They will be able to showcase their recipes, blog, videos, etc.


Q: Can I sponsor the Influencer Category? 

A:  Yes, the Influencer Zone is available to sponsor for $8,000 and limited to three sponsors.


Q: Will my brand be able to communicate with the influencers like at the live Festivals?

A:  We will be creating a program for you to reach out to the influencers. Please stay tuned for more information.


Q: On my booth page, can I have a short questionnaire for attendees to answer (maybe about new product launches, flavors, etc.)?

A:  If you would like to have a questionnaire, you can include that in a contest/giveaway, if you are a higher level sponsor.  


Q: Why are you not having attendees pre-register?

A: The site is currently being built and we do not have the ability to pre-register attendees until the site is active. Until then, interested attendees are joining our email list. We will send them an invite to register once the site is live.


Q: How much is an author booth?

A: An author booth is $300 for a basic booth.


Q: How do presenters sign up to conduct a class? 

A: Here is the link to sign up


Q: Can I do the virtual show if I do not sell online? Can I add my product locator?

A:  Most definitely. You can drive traffic to your store locator and also provide information in the downloadable files.


Q: If my products contain soy lecithin but no other soy, how do I indicate this?

A: In your product description, you can add that your products contain soy lecithin, but no other soy-based ingredients.


Q: What categories are available?

A: Nut Free Friendly, Top 8 Free, Sauces/Marinades, Paleo, Keto, Plant-Based/Vegan, Pre-Made Baked Goods, Baking Ingredients, Baking Mixes, Protein & Bars, Beverages, Bread, Breakfast, Buns/Rolls, Wraps/Tortillas, Chocolate and Candy, Sweet Treats, Frozen Foods, Meals & Entrees, Noodles/Pasta, Italian, Asian, CBD & Supplements, Dairy-Free, Sauces/Marinades/Dressings, Crackers & Chips, Soups & Broths, No/Low Sugar, Soy-Free Friendly, Pantry Staples/Seasonings, Cakes & Pies, Cookies, Granola/Cereal, Household Items/Cleaning Supplies, Medical Devices/Allergy Testing, Influencer Zone, Author Zone & Community Partners Zone


Q: If my brand comes in as a Gold or Platinum Sponsor, am I able to sponsor more than one category?

A: No, you will be able to choose the category you would like to sponsor. We will have a maximum of 5 sponsors in each category. If you would like sponsor a second category you can do that for an additional cost. 


Q: How long with the presentations be?

A: We recommend a 20-30 minute presentation and then time for Q&A with the audience.


Q: How many live presentations will you have per day? 

A:  We will have 5-10 live presentations per day.


Q: Can you track clicks and downloads on PDF’s?

A: We can track clicks on the button for each PDF but won’t be able to track downloads.