Reach targeted gluten-free and specialty-diet consumers

Get your message in front of gluten-free consumers and influencers through our Email Marketing Campaigns and Newsletter Ads. You have the ability to create a successful online campaign tailored to your budget and needs.

A Proven Service With the Following Brands

Drive Traffic to Your Website
Capture emails and introduce customers to your brand and products.
Store Locator
Link your online store locator and drive traffic to local retailers.
New Products
Spread the word about a new product launch and where to find the items.
New Branding
Show off your new branding and get customers to recognize your trusted brand.
National Distribution
Celebrate national distribution and drive traffic to both traditional and online stores.
Holiday or Special Promotions
Special promotions, giveaways, and holiday deals are beloved by our audience

Your Brand Can Reach Engaged and Loyal Gluten-Free Consumers

Have you dreamed of having an email list of highly engaged and loyal gluten-free customers? By running email marketing campaigns and/or newsletter ads with Nourished Group, you can finally reach this specialized list that we have built just for you. Our email list of over 250,000 consumers is truly valuable to your brand.

"To be able to directly send a targeted email campaign to hundreds of thousands of consumers that REALLY need us is infinitely valuable. Consumers are looking for answers and delicious products and only the Nourished Group can help you find those consumers."

Jann Craig | Mom's Place Gluten Free

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