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During this unprecedented time, we will be shifting our focus to helping our partner brands not only reach gluten-free and specialty-diet customers, but also deal with running a company during a crisis.

Uncategorized | June 25, 2020

How To Sell on Amazon During Covid

We had an amazing webinar with Ryan Flynn, CEO of Charmac, a few weeks ago.  If you missed the session, you can see it below.  Charmac specializes in simplifying selling on Amazon and is one of our trusted business partners.

Amazon Marketing, Knowledge Partners, Marketing, News | January 1, 2020
Top 5 Things Brands Need To Know To Be Successful on Amazon

Article Provided by Ryan Flynn, CEO Charmac You’ve been on Amazon for a few...

Knowledge Partners, News | January 1, 2020
DNA-Based Tools Aid Manufacturers In Reducing Food Fraud Risk

Numerous incidents relating to food safe...

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