Tips To Create An Iconic Brand

Presented by Sameer Shah, CEO Khaana Marketing Brands are more prevalent than ever before. The Internet and social media have created unprecedented opportunities for companies of all sizes to build and grow their brands. But what makes an iconic brand? What separates Uber from Lyft, Amazon from eBay, and Facebook from (the now-defunct) MySpace? The … Continued

Top 5 Things Brands Need To Know To Be Successful on Amazon

Article Provided by Ryan Flynn, CEO Charmac You’ve been on Amazon for a few years building your brand and selling your products. You’ve gotten established and have some regular numbers coming in each month. However, something on there isn’t working the way you’d expect, and you can’t seem to get your numbers to rise. Selling … Continued

DNA-Based Tools Aid Manufacturers In Reducing Food Fraud Risk

Numerous incidents relating to food safety in the ’90s prompted stricter regulations in the US; similar policies were quickly extended globally. Fast and accurate testing methods became a priority for quality assurance departments all over the world. This urgent demand from the food industry made molecular technologies like PCR acceptance a routine and validated method. … Continued