Remote Selling Best Practices

The Nourished Group team already works in remote locations but this webinar had some incredible ideas for not just remote selling, but how to sell during a time of crisis and best practices for selling that you might not know about.  Again a huge thanks to Conflux Co-Learning for coordinating these webinars during the COVID-19 … Continued

SBA and Disaster Loans

If you are in need of a disaster loan, here is an excellent webinar featuring Rich Russakoff.   On this webinar, you will start the learning process on how to qualify and win these loans. Rich Russakoff has been teaching Entrepreneur Organization members about bank financing at the MIT Entrepreneurial Masters program for over 15 years … Continued

Crisis Management Strategies for Businesses

As the COVID-19 virus affects all businesses across the globe, it is now the time to ensure your crisis management strategy is serving your company well.  Whether you are considering staffing issues, budgets or just mere survival, your crisis management strategy will help guide you on the path that makes the most sense for your … Continued