Against The Grain Tackles New Product Promotion

Primary Issues:  How to let customers know when new products are launched and that products are now available in local retailers?

Solution:  Attending Nourished Festivals

“After just launching products in the gluten-free and organic sections of 3600 Walmarts, we used the Secaucus Nourished Festival to make consumers in that region aware of the new placements.
We also used the show to let consumers know that our new baking mixes were now available in Wegmans and our new Brownie Mix in Giant stores.”  — Nancy Cain, Co-Owner, Against The Grain




Connecting with Core Consumers

“Since the inception of Against The Grain, we have found consumer shows to be the most effective means of consumer outreach. Not only do they drive trial, but they drive consumers to retail stores. They also allow us to connect face-to-face with long-time customers, some of whom have been buying our products for over ten years.”
“As an authentic brand, we connect with and listen to our consumers and this is easily accomplished at Nourished Festivals.”




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