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We can help you reach your target audience by using the services that Nourished Group offers to your business. Whether you are looking to reach thousands of loyal consumers in-person or online, we will create a budget-friendly program to meet your needs.


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For over 10 years, Nourished Group has helped thousands of gluten-free brands grow their business.


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Each year, Nourished Group helps over 600 brands meet new customers and increase their sales.


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The Nourished Group Story

The Nourished Group Story

A Note From Jen Cafferty, Founder & CEO

In 2007 I had an epiphany: gluten-free living isn’t so easy! To me, gluten-free living is a true “lifestyle” for my family and not a “diet.”  But in 2007, it wasn’t easy. At the time, there were very few gluten-free items available and many of the products did not taste good. Fortunately, I was able to make delicious gluten-free meals, but this got me thinking…What about the folks that were diagnosed with celiac disease or had a gluten intolerance and didn’t know how to cook? This all led me to start the Gluten-Free Cooking Expos, which were two days of cooking classes where small groups could showcase their products. 

Throughout the years, we began shifting our model as new brands came into the marketplace. Instead of cooking classes, we began to offer large vendor fairs that included classes. We slowly added more cities to our agenda and 13 years later we visit 8 cities across the US. The shows are now called Nourished Festivals and are still ALL gluten-free, but we also focus on other allergens such as nut-free, paleo, keto, and plant-based sections for those interested in these specialty diet lifestyles.

2013 was a very exciting year! I partnered with Jason Elmore, Founder of Find Me Gluten Free who is now our CTO and the “cool tech guy” on the team. After graduating from college, Jason created the app and website because he couldn’t find safe places to dine as a celiac.  His creation, Find Me Gluten Free, has changed the face of gluten-free living in the US, helping over 3 million people annually find safe places to eat locally and while traveling.

2019 brought a big change to our company. We rebranded into the Nourished Group. Our brightly colored logo reflects our dynamic team and the exciting growth of the industry. Every year we are honored to help over 500 brands reach hundreds of thousands of loyal gluten-free and specialty diet customers. Whether we are helping brands sample their products at the Nourished Festivals or helping them reach 250,000+ email subscribers, we pride ourselves on the best customer service and high level of expertise.

I look forward to continuing to watch our industry grow in the future. I am humbled to lead our team and work with such exciting partner brands. As a breast cancer survivor and mother, I truly believe that each day is a gift and I love being able to share my “workday” with all of you.



Meet Our Team

Nourished Group is comprised of an amazing group of individuals with multiple talents. Led by Jen Cafferty, the team members are not just experts in their field, but all have specialty-diet needs or celiac disease in their family. Known for excellent customer service, these sharp-minded individuals are here to help grow your business through their expertise.

The Loyal & Engaged Nourished Community

With clients across the globe and services meeting the needs of a variety of brands and consumers, The Nourished Group truly is a gluten-free phenomenon. Providing some of the only fun and safe spaces for those on specialty-diets, the Nourished Festivals are a dream come true for those that attend. The Find Me Gluten Free app is also a "lifesaver" to those that use it to find safe places to dine in over 36 countries.

Trusted By 1000’s Of Specialty-Diet Brands

Since 2013 we have been helping gluten-free brands connect with their target customer. The Nourished Group looks forward to partnering with you and having you join our family.

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