You may have heard a lot about influencer marketing lately, and for good reason.

Major brands are embracing influencer marketing as part of their marketing strategy. They understand that working with influencers can be a positive outcome for both the brand and the influencer!

Each Nourished Festival bring together local press and media, as well as bloggers/influencers, and our exhibitors. They will be walking the show, gathering samples, and attending the education sessions. Don’t miss out on connecting with this critical audience at the festivals!

Influencer Marketing at Nourished Festivals

Influencer Marketing Checklist for Festivals

Before the show:

  • Make sure you have business cards for the marketing or PR contact that works with influencers.
  • Research the influencers and press at that are attending the Nourished Festival.
  • Reach out to these influencers and invite them into your booth! Consider creating special swag bags or coupons for these premiere influencers!

During the show:

  • Meet with key influencers at the show!
  • Follow along with social media and see who is posting about your brand at the Festival. Follow #NourishedFestival on Twitter and Instagram.

After the show:

  1. Follow-up is key! Email each influencers individually and connect about their thoughts about the product. 
  2. Offer to send free product or free product coupons so they can taste more than just a sample of your product.
  3. Follow-up with any questions about the company, the product, or anything else! Make sure they know everything about you, and what you make!

And start a great relationship!

Working with Influencers: Do I Need a Budget for Influencer Marketing?

If you’re currently working with influencers, the Festival is a great time to connect and build a future partnership. If you have a few minutes, discuss potential partnerships and talk to their influencer about what they have to offer your brand. Take the great connections you made at the Festival and turn it into paid, sponsored work with key influencers

If you’re not working with bloggers, make sure you take their card and start a conversation on how you can work together after the show. Consider allocating a portion of your next marketing budget to influencer marketing, and see the results of a successful partnership that begins at a Nourished Festival!

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