Are you ready for the next Nourished Festival?

Use this pre-festival checklist to know what you need before you go!

We can’t wait for you to be a part of our Nourished Festival! We’ve gathered some of our favorite tips and tricks for you to navigate your time at the festival!

Share on Social Media

Before you arrive, create a social media strategy with your team. Not only should you promote to your readers (via social and email) that you’ll be at the show a few days in advance, but continue tweeting throughout! Use Facebook, Instagram and Instagram stories, Twitter, and email to share photos of your products, your raving fans, and the excitement of the festival during the two days of the show.

Be sure to use the hashtag #NourishedFestival on ALL social media! Here are some specifics for each social media.


Tag all of your festival photos with @NourishedFestival! Make sure you’re using those Instagram stories to get your audience excited to come see you at the festival! Be sure to tag the appropriate city you’ll be in (ex. #Denver #Chicago) to increase viewership in that city.

Try using all of Instagram stories fun, new options like GIFs, music, poll (try “are you coming to see us this weekend?” or other prompts), questions (try “what product do you think we should come out with next?”), or the countdown clock! There are many ways to engage your Instagram audience using stories! Post at least one Instagram post daily leading up to the festival, and at least one “action” shot during the show. This will keep your audience engaged and help Instagram show more of your posts to your audience! Make sure you’re able to hop onto Instagram and answer any questions that your readers might have in your direct messages and comments!


Make sure to add #NourishedFestival to all tweets and tag us at @NourishedFest! You can tweet about the festival leading up to the day with our pre-made images! After the event, make sure you share your favorite images from the event, and how your readers can purchase your product, and see you at the next Nourished Festival!


Start posting about your booth at the upcoming Nourished Festival at least a week in advance of the show. You can share our Nourished Festival events or images on your page with your followers. During the festival, you can share albums of photos taken during the festival.

Our attendees love to know about products before they sample. Make sure everyone at the booth – even volunteers or assistants know all about your product and know how to answer top questions from attendees! Make sure everyone at the booth understands the answer to all of these questions:

Are these certified gluten-free? Know if your product is certified and by which certification agency.
Are there any allergens in this product? Know the ingredients in your product and any top 12 allergens.
Do you use gluten (or any of their allergies) in your facility? Know what allergens are in your manufacturing and packaging facility.
Where do I find this here? Research where to buy the product in each city you attend.
How much is this product? Research how much the product retails for in that area.
Can I buy this product online? Research where you can buy the product online, besides your website (Thrive Market, Gluten Free Mall, Vitacost, etc.)

What About Bloggers?

Each show has local press and media, as well as bloggers/influencers. They will be walking the show, gathering samples, and attending the education sessions. If you’re currently working with influencers, the festival is a great time to connect and build a future partnership. If you’re not working with bloggers, make sure you take their card and start a conversation on how you can work together after the show. Don’t miss out on connecting with this critical audience at the festivals!

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