Top questions, Do you know the answers?

Nourished Festival is a great way to introduce your product to new customers. Our attendees are hungry for knowledge (and yummy gluten-free food), so come prepared! At your booth at Nourished Festival, chances are you will get quite a few questions about your product, your samples, and your brand. The last thing you want to do is leave an attendee with an unanswered questions – or worse – the wrong answer! Brush up on your product knowledge before hitting the Nourished Festival show floor!

Our attendees love to know about products before they sample or buy!

Make sure everyone at the booth knows all about your product and knows how to answer top questions from attendees at Nourished Festival! If you have a volunteer or ambassador running your booth, it’s critical that they know the answer to these top questions before the Festival. If you leave your booth and have a volunteer run the booth at any time, fill them in on key points about the brand, or at least let attendees know when you’ll be back to answer any pressing questions.

Top Questions to Answer at Nourished Festival

Top Questions Asked at Nourished Festival

Keep in mind that you will have to answer the following questions for not only every product that you make, but also any samples you bring to the festival.

Are these certified gluten-free? Know if your product is certified and by which certification agency. Do they test down to a certain ppm of allergen, and if so, which ppm?
Are there any allergens in this product? Know the ingredients in your product and any top 12 allergens used in your product. Are you testing for the presence of allergens in your product? If so, at what part of the manufacturing and packaging process do you test?
Do you use gluten (or any of their allergies) in your facility? Know what allergens are in your manufacturing and packaging facility – including shared lines or shared facilities.
Where do I find this here? Research where to buy the product in each city you attend. It’s great to have a list of where the product can be purchased in that specific city. If the product is not offered, bring sheets that eager shoppers can take to their local store managers.
How much is this product? Research how much the product retails for in that area. Are there any coupons you can provide attendees?
Can I buy this product online? Research where you can by the product online, besides your website (Thrive Market, Gluten Free Mall, Vitacost, etc.). If possible, provide discounted coupon codes for attendees so they can purchase from the comfort of their home.

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