How do we reach your target audience?

NOURISHED GROUP sponsoring Nourished Festivals across the United States

Consumer Shows

Consumer gluten free and specialty diet sampling shows visiting 10 cities in 2019.
Have your booth at one or more of the shows:
– Broaden brand exposure
– Sample your products to 2,500-5,500 consumers
– Introduce brand ambassadors
– Opportunity to interact with potential customers, buyers, influencers and retailers
– Visiting 8 cities in 2020

Find me gluten free app

Advertise on the #1 rated gluten-free app
– Reach highly targeted demographic
– Engage with a wider audience
– Consistently ranked in top 5 for gluten-free app searches

NOURISHED GROUP developed the #1 Find Me Gluten Free App
Nourished Group offers Targeted Email Campaigns

Targeted Email Campaigns

Targeted email campaigns can reach up to over 400,000 niche specialty diet consumers
– Promote new product launches
– Announce new product distributions
– Achieve higher open rates
– Tailor to your budget

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Paleo items at Nourished Group Festival
baked goods specialty diet item at the Nourished Group Festival
Cupcakse specialty diet item at the Nourished Group Festival

Connecting Your Brand to These Specialty Diets

Nourished Group connects your brand to these specialty diets