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We connect your brand to gluten-free and specialty-diet consumers.

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Formerly known as GFMG Gluten Free Media Group

Increase Brand Awareness

with Your Target Audience

Drive Qualified Traffic to

Websites or Store Shelves

Get a Stronger Return from

Your Marketing Investment

Most specialty-diet brands struggle to find a cost-effective way to reach new consumers.

They are many ways to promote a gluten-free or specialty-diet brand, but few generate a strong return on investment. Why?  Because finding and connecting with qualified consumers isn’t easy.

We’ve seen even the most experienced marketing teams invest in paid ads, social media and free samples — only to discover most of their money and effort was wasted on people who have no interest or need for their products or services.

The Nourished Group offers a better way to reach new customers. Through our targeted, time-tested marketing services, we’ve helped 1,000s of gluten-free and specialty-diet brands grow their audience, increase sales and improve profitability and marketing ROI.

We can help yours, too.

We grow awareness and sales for:

    Food and beverage brands
    Allergen-friendly products
    Gluten-free products
    Nut-free products
    Paleo products
    Keto products
    Plant-based products
    Health and beauty brands
    Service organizations

Marketing Services for

Gluten-Free & Specialty-Diet Brands

Nourished Festivals

At this gluten-free and specialty-diet festival, you get the opportunity to sample, sell and interact with thousands of gluten-free consumers. During Covid-19, the Nourished Festival is launching a Virtual Festival in conjunction with possible live shows. Exhibit at a Festival to experience these benefits:
  • Broaden brand exposure
  • Sample and sell your products to thousands of consumers
  • Hand out coupons and capture emails
  • Interact with customers, buyers, influencers and retailers
  • Drive traffic to traditional and online stores

Online Nourished Festivals

Connect with consumers across the U.S. without leaving your home or office. Our proprietary platform emulates traditional consumer shows with the added benefits and convenience of an online setting. With a virtual booth at the Online Nourished Festival, you can:
  • Broaden brand exposure
  • Provide samples and sell your products to thousands of qualified consumers
  • Distribute coupons and capture emails
  • Interact with customers, buyers, influencers and retailers

Email Marketing Campaigns

Get your message in front of hundreds of thousands of gluten-free consumers and influencers. Our team will help you create a successful campaign tailored to your budget and needs.
  • Drive additional traffic to your website
  • Spread the word about a new product launch
  • Let customers know you are now nationally distributed
  • Let customers know where your products are sold
  • Run a special deal or holiday promotion

Trusted By 1000’s Of Specialty-Diet Brands

Since 2013 we have been helping specialty-diet brands connect with their target customer.

The Nourished Group looks forward to partnering with you and having you join our family.

Why Partner with Us

  • We tailor our service to your game plan

    From exhibiting at one consumer festival to creating a bundled marketing package, we have a plan to meet every price point and goal.

  • Have access to our network

    Partner with us and join the largest marketing network connecting specialty-diet brands to their target customers.

  • We are here to help

    We are extremely proud of our excellent customer service. Contact us and one of our representatives will be touch to discuss your marketing needs.

The Partnership Process
Get In Touch We want to learn about your brand, your distribution channels, and your marketing challenges.
Get a Custom Plan We'll present a custom proposal with 2-3 options tailored to your specific budget, needs and goals.
Get Consumer's Attention We'll get your brand in front of your target audience and provide reports so you can measure the impact of our partnership.

7 Ways Big Brands are Reaching Specialty-Diet Consumers

Imagine what you could learn by sitting in on a strategic marketing meeting with a national brand. We have these meetings regularly with prospects and clients. We see what these brands are trying, what’s working and what isn’t. We want to share our insights with you! In this ebook, you’ll discover:

    High ROI marketing methods big brands use to increase awareness and sales
    Common pitfalls that waste time and money
    Practical tips for building your own audience
    Examples of specialty-diet brands who are marketing the right way

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